SEAWAY lyrics

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album: "Vacation" (2017)
album: "Colour Blind" (2015)
1. Slam
2. Best Mistake
3. Trick (So Sweet)
4. Freak
5. Still Weird
6. Stubborn Love
7. Big Deal
8. Airhead
9. Growing Stale
10. The Day That She Left
11. Turn Me Away
12. Goon
EP: "All In My Head" (2014)
1. Your Best Friend
2. Alberta
3. The Let Down
4. If I Came Back For You
split EP: "Seaway/Safe To Say" (2012)
1. Homewrecker
2. Middle Finger
3. Lifted
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EP: "Seaway" (2011)
1. The Basics
2. Sabrina The Teenage Bitch
3. Familiar Faces
4. Last Punk

Punk rock
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