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album: "Going Nowhere Fast" (1999)
1. Intro
2. Worn Out Words
3. Wishing You Were Here
4. What Ever
5. Blissfully Ignorant
6. The Ballad Of Gonzo Babbleshit
7. Out Of Touch
8. Discontent
9. Big Bad Wolf
10. Institutionalised Murder
11. That Song
12. Lean Onto You
13. Traditional Security
14. Outro (Sold My Soul For Rock 'n' Roll)
15. Evil 3 / Bonus Track
other songs:
Another Stale Cartoon
Equal Rights / from split EP w/ Ten Foot Pole
Killing Me/Untitled
Sail Away
Truck Driving Punk / from split EP w/ Ten Foot Pole
Waves Of Blood
Your Perfect World / from split EP w/ Ten Foot Pole

Punk rock
Melodic hardcore
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