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EP: "The Grey" (2008)
1. Keep Secrets
2. Love Maker
3. Why Can't You See?
4. Come Close / Acoustic
5. Love Maker / Acoustic
EP: "Saosin" (2005)
1. Bury Your Head
2. I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song
3. New Angel
4. Lost Symphonies / Live
5. Bury Your Head / Acoustic
other songs:
I Can Tell / from "Music On The Brain Vol. 1" Compilation
I Have Become What I Have Always Hated
Let Go Control / B-Side from Self-titled Album
Mookie's Last Christmas / from "A Santa Cause" Compilation
Mookie's Last Christmas / Acoustic Version
Move Slow / from NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack Vol. 2
Seven Years / Acoustic Version
Time After Time
Uphill Battle

Alternative rock
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