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Upcoming album "41" February 23, 2018!
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album: "41" (2018)
Karate School
The Horrible Year
album: "Last Stop: Crappy Town" (2008)
1. G
2. Smith & 9th
3. F
4. E
5. 3rd Ave
6. L
7. J
8. V
9. Lorimer St. / Instrumental
10. R
11. 36th St.
12. N
13. Shit Sandwich / B-Side
album: "Songs Not To Get Married To" (2005)
1. What The Hell Is Contempt?
2. Get Well Soon
3. What The Hell Is Stipulation?
4. Caving
5. The Trooth
6. Guess Who's Back
7. Take Me Home, Please
8. Thanks For The Misery
9. The Fuck Stops Here
10. Love Reality
11. Laura's Australian Dance Party / Instrumental
12. Deathnotronic
13. Playing Dead
14. Spoon To The Moon / Japanese Bonus Track
15. Bobby McFerrin Better Worry / Japanese Bonus Track
album: "Greatest Hits 1984-1987" (1999)
1. Drunk Guy At The Get Up Kids Show
2. Girl, Why'd You Run Away?
3. Fiona Apple Kiss My Black Ass
4. What's Wrong
5. Props To Tha Queen Of Pop A.K. A Keep On Climbin' That Velvet Rope Baby
6. Your Girlfriends Hate Me
7. Megan Is My Friend To The Max
8. My Dad-Happy Chickens (Kirksta Party To Go Mix)
9. Another Runaway Song
10. Drunk Guy Talks Chemicals To Us At The Get Up Kids Show
11. Your Boyfriend Hates Me
12. Pick Up The Phone Master P
13. Where's Your Heart?
14. Get To The Choppa!
15. Better For You
16. Everything's Okay
17. Just A Reminder
18. Brandi's Birthday Song
19. The Fellowship Of The Bling / Re-issue Bonus Track
20. The Two Blings / Re-issue Bonus Track
21. The Return Of The Bling / Re-issue Bonus Track
22. Your Girlfriends Hate Me (Free Moustache Rides Remix) / Re-issue Bonus Track
23. Only With Me / Re-issue Bonus Track
24. Raining Blood / Re-issue Bonus Track
25. Everyone Is Crazy / Re-issue Bonus Track

Alternative rock
Indie rock
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