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EP: "Masses" (2010)
1. For The Masses
2. Spent Years
3. Blue Screen
4. Broken Home
5. Cursing Concrete
split: "Ravi/Lost Cowboy Heroes" (2005)
1. Morning PM
2. Crocodile Dandy
3. Hail Fellow Well Met
4. Fast Cars
album: "Designing New Circles" (2003)
1. Up & Around
2. Fuck Friend
3. Non-Commital Answers
4. No Miles Driver
5. Granted
6. Dead Letter
7. Feelings Change So Fast
8. Tommyguns For Tommy Rots
9. Point Of No Return
10. Artificial Lights 1 / Instrumental
11. Artificial Lights 2
12. Courtesy Off
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Skin Deep Emotion

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