THE PINE lyrics

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album: "Lead Blocks For Feet" (2002)
1. Monocles
2. A Sad Old Man
3. Boarded Room
4. Sinking
5. Follow You Home
6. Young Bird
7. Loner
8. Begging For Food
9. Letters
10. In The Breeze
EP: "Homeless Life" (2002)
1. Homeless Life
2. Eyes Of A Father
3. Jigsaw
4. Sore Eyelids
album: "The Pine" (2001)
1. Cubicle
2. Ten Years Old
3. Slug
4. You're The Only One I Hate
5. Wearing Thin
6. Face Drawings
7. My Two Feet
8. Windmills
9. Shovelglove
10. Charred

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