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album: "Pennywise" (1991)
1. Wouldn't It Be Nice
2. Rules
3. The Secret
4. Living For Today
5. Come Out Fighting
6. Homeless
7. Open Door
8. Pennywise
9. Who's To Blame
10. Fun And Games
11. Kodiak
12. Side One
13. No Reason Why
14. Bro Hymn
15. Psycho 89 / Reissue Bonus Track
EP: "A Word From The Wise" (1989)
1. Final Chapters
2. Covers
3. Depression
4. No Way Out
5. Gone
other songs:
30 Seconds 'Till The End Of The World / from "Short Music For Short People" Compilation
Christmas In Hell
Devonshire And Crown / from "The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute"
Fight It / from "Punk-O-Rama 4" Compilation
I Get Around / from "M.F.O.M.O. Vol. 2" Compilation
Minor Threat
Nervous Breakdown
Stand By Me / from "Wildcard" EP
Surfin' USA
The Long Road / from "Hit & Run" Soundtrack
Wake Up
We're Desperate / from "Punk-O-Rama 6" Compilation

Punk rock
Melodic hardcore
Skate punk
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