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EP: "Mario & The Brick Breakers: Greatest Hits" (2014)
1. Hey Mario
2. My Princess Peach
3. Boom Boom Pass The Mushroom
4. Rainbow Road
5. Up In My Tower
6. $ Maker
album: "Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine" (2006)
1. Los Angeles
2. This Can't Happen Again
3. Decemberween
4. Lights Out In Mississippi
5. Demo For Dayna
6. Cheer Up Emo Kid
7. Old And Out Of Tune
8. Samantha The Great
9. Sleep Well My Angel
10. The Safety Of Sleeping In
11. The L-Town Shakedown
12. The June Spirit
13. Blank Track / Bonus Track
14. Mississippi Reprise / Bonus Track
15. Robert Ragosta Is A Ringtone / Bonus Track
EP: "Is Your Biological Father" (2004)
1. One Less Heart To Break
2. It's All On Me
3. The June Spirit
4. 67 Dollars And No Sense

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