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EP: "The Mad Gear And Missile Kid" (2010)
1. F.T.W.W.W.
2. Mastas Of Ravenkroft
3. Black Dragon Fighting Society
album: "The Black Parade" (2006)
1. The End
2. Dead!
3. This Is How I Disappear
4. The Sharpest Lives
5. Welcome To The Black Parade
6. I Don't Love You
7. House Of Wolves
8. Cancer
9. Mama
10. Sleep
11. Teenagers
12. Disenchanted
13. Famous Last Words
14. Blood / Hidden Track
other songs:
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Astro Zombies / from "Tony Hawk's American Wasteland" Compilation
Common People
Desert Song (Demo) / from "Life On The Murder Scene" CD
Desolation Row / "Watchmen" Soundtrack
Disenchanted (Shut Up And Play) / Demo
Every Snowflake's Different
Fake Your Death
Fortunate Son
Heaven Help Us / "The Black Parade" B-Side
I Never Told You What I Do For A Living / Demo from "Life On The Murder Scene" CD
Jack The Ripper
Kill All Your Friends / "The Black Parade" B-Side
My Way Home Is Through You / "The Black Parade" B-Side
Neat Neat Neat
Safe And Sound / "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete" Theme Song
Sister To Sleep
Song 2
Stay (Untitled)
The Drugs
The World Is Ugly / Live Demo
Under Pressure
We Will Rock You
Zero Zero

Alternative rock
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