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album: "Punk Rawk Christmas" (2009)
1. Punk Rawk Christmas
2. Christmas Day
3. Christmas Only Comes Once A Year
4. Coming Home For Christmas
5. You're The One I Miss (This Christmas)
6. Christmas Party
7. Christmas Night Of The Living Dead
8. So This Is Christmas?
9. It's Christmas And I'm Sick
10. 2005
11. Late Great Snowball Fight Of 2006
12. Gimme Christmas
13. Another Song About Christmas
14. Auld Lang Syne
EP: "Left Coast Punk" (2009)
1. One Step Further
2. Desperate To Understand
3. Broken
4. Shanghaied In Shanghai
5. Hopeless Case
6. End
EP: "The Broken Bones" (2000)
1. The Broken Bones
2. Make Up Your Mind
3. Time And Season
4. Blood And Guts
EP: "Move To Bremerton" (1997)
1. Move To Bremerton
2. Rock And Roll Girl
3. Circumstance
4. Easier Said Than Done
5. Chick Magnet
other songs:
17 (I Saw Her Standing There)
Blue Moon / from "Five Years On The Streets" Compilation
Christmas Night Of The Zombies / from "A Santa Cause" Compilation
Good Friends Are Hard To Find / from "Going Nowhere Fast" Compilation
I Can Be Friends With You
Mountain Dew
My Mistake
No Action / from "Before You Were Punk Vol. 2" Compilation
Prozac / from "Let It Happen" Re-release
Role Remodeling / from "Let It Happen" Re-release
Running Away
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
The Empire / from "The Passion Of The Christ:Songs" Compilation
The Silver Screen / from "The A/C" EP
The Ultimately Cheezy As Can Be Song
Where Will We Go / from "The A/C" EP

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