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album: "Whoop Dee Doo" (2014)
1. Weird Boy Next Door
2. Paint By Numbers
3. Like You Don't See Me
4. Take A Take A Me
5. Up And Down Around
6. Where Did I Go Wrong
7. Cheezy
8. Forget The Day
9. I Get It
10. Because You're Sad
11. Lay Down
12. Forever
album: "Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow" (1999)
1. I Wish That I Could Be You
2. Silly People
3. Another Ugly Face
4. Prettier Than Me
5. Clown
6. Your Kiss
7. Numb
8. I'm Not Around
9. Blow Your Mind
10. Room With No View
11. Dear Liar Love Me
12. In
13. Jack Champagne / Instrumental

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