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album: "Forty Hour Train Back to Penn" (2003)
1. Face Or Kneecaps
2. Jamestown
3. Spanaway
4. Kelly
5. Taking It Out And Chopping It Up
6. Scary
7. Hey
8. Jamaica Next
9. It's Something
10. Keep Never Changing
11. Ship To Shore
12. Sailor Tattoos / Bonus Track
EP: "Has A Gambling Problem" (2002)
1. Walking On Glass
2. Hand Grenade
3. Up To Me
4. If Only Duct Tape Could Fix Everything
5. Operate
album: "It's Go Time" (2000)
1. Barefoot
2. Dead To The World
3. Champ
4. Speed Demon
5. Read My Lips
6. Maybe It's Nothing
7. Except Me
8. One-Way Ticket
9. Racer

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