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album: "The Red Shift" (2005)
(Performed as Monty)
1. Between The Sheets
2. Castle Bound
3. In This Legacy
4. O Brother
5. Island City
6. Metropolis
7. Polished And Poisoned
8. Away With Two Chairs
EP: "Monty's Fan Club" (2002)
(Performed as Monty's Fan Club)
1. Handy With The Steel
2. Hearts Bleeding
3. Storm Before The Calm
album: "Thanks For The Metal Sign" (2000)
(Performed as Monty's Fan Club)
1. You Don't Know
2. It Never Seems To Work
3. Everyday Kind Of Thing
4. Arcadia
5. Ska Sucks
6. Down Without A Fight
7. TKO / Instrumental
8. Sweet Nothings
9. That Boy Is Mine
10. Punk Rock Girl
11. His Song
12. Ballad Of A Sweet Young Girl

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