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album: "At Heart" (2012)
1. At Heart / Instrumental
2. Hey Mister
3. Opening Wounds
4. Leech
5. Second To No One
6. Sirens Song
7. Day By Day
8. Bleeding Out
9. Road Of The Lost
10. Found Our Way
11. Gold To Rust
12. Live This Life
13. Ballad Of A Broken Man
album: "Monument" (2010)
1. Our Kings
2. Masses Of A Dying Breed
3. Answers
4. Relentless Chaos
5. Creations
6. Gears
7. Colossal
8. We Have Fallen
9. In Recognition
10. Monument
11. My Hardship / Reissue Bonus Track
12. Descending Discovery / Reissue Bonus Track
13. Rust / Reissue Bonus Track
other songs:
Destroy Thy Destroy Thee
Lullaby For A Beast
Run This Town / from "Punk Goes Pop 3" Compilation

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