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album: "Planet Of Ice" (2007)
1. Burying Luck
2. Ice Monster
3. Knights
4. White Mystery
5. Dr. L'ling
6. Part 2
7. Throwin' Shapes
8. When We Escape
9. Double Vision Quest
10. Lotus
EP: "They Make Beer Commercials Like This" (2004)
1. Fine + 2 Pts.
2. Let's Play Clowns
3. Dog Park
4. I'm Totally Not Down With Rob's Alien
5. Hey! Is That A Ninja Up There?
6. Pony Up!
album: "Highly Refined Pirates" (2002)
1. Thanks For The Killer Game Of Crisco Twister
2. Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!
3. Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse
4. Hey, Wanna Throw Up? / Instrumental
5. Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo
6. We Are Not A Football Team
7. You Kill Bugs Good, Man / Instrumental
8. Spritz!!! Spritz!!!
9. Women We Haven't Met Yet
10. Damn Bugs Whacked Him, Johnny / Instrumental
11. I Lost All My Money At The Cock Fights
12. Andy Wolff / Instrumental
13. Let's Play Guitar In A Five Guitar Band
14. Booyah Achieved / Instrumental
EP: "This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic" (2001)
1. Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked
2. Lemurs, Man, Lemurs
3. Untitled / Instrumental
4. Intro / Instrumental
5. Just Kickin' It Like A Wild Donkey
6. Potato Juice & Liquid Bread / Instrumental
7. Pantsuit... Uggghhh
other songs:
Houston, We Have Uh Oh / from "In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer"
Riddles / from "Acoustics II" EP

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Math rock
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