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album: "Shades Of Brown" (1993)
1. Shades Of Brown
2. Winter Of '92
3. Someone's Behind You Again
4. This Land
5. Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn't Want
6. Greenwash
7. Slow, Stupid And Hungry
8. Hail Satan
9. Borrowed Time
10. Squat Dogs
11. Welfare Line
12. Spare Change
13. Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets
14. Long Time Gone
15. Last Train To Castro
album: "Millions Of Damn Christians - This Blood's For You" (1987)
1. Millions Of Damn Christians
2. This Blood's For You
3. Who's The Terrorist Now
4. Bye Bye Ronnie
5. Chock Full Of Shit
6. Mao Tse Tung
7. Henry Kissmyassinger
8. Guns For Nicaragua
9. Politician
10. S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D.
11. Sexy And Christian
12. Your Death Wish Is Sick
13. Massacred And Dismembered Culture
14. Police Related Death

Hardcore punk
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