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compilation: "The Matches Album 4, Unreleased; Graphics? Title? Or Not Needed?" (2009)
1. It's My Day
2. Wicked Walk
3. Like Yesterday
4. Here's To Love (Acoustic)
5. I Tried (So Hard)
6. Needs And Wants
7. 50 Altered States
8. If Nothing Else
9. Nothing's Going On
10. My Doe, Part 1 (Acoustic)
other songs:
A Girl I Know / from Takeover 3-Way Split Issue #2
Crucial Comeback (Mary Claire)
December Is For Cynics / from "A Santa Cause" Compilation
Got The Time / from "Music On The Brain Vol. 1" Compilation
Happy New Year / from "A Foggy Holiday - Carols From The SF Scene, Vol. 2" Compilation
Life Of A Match
Scratched Out / Original Version
Superman / from 'E. Von Dahl...' First Release
Violent Love / from "Dead Bands Party: A Tribute to Oingo Boingo"

Alternative rock
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