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album: "The Truth Can Be Brutal" (2008)
(Performed as Mark Lind And The Unloved)
1. Your Revolution Song
2. Familiar Face
3. Hello My Brother
4. New Years Day
5. So She Says
6. Dagger
7. I'm Sorry
8. Coke & Jack
9. An Open Letter To Boston
10. Wolves
11. Different Paths
EP: "Compulsive Fuck Up" (2007)
1. Everything Falls Apart
2. No Name Song
3. Compulsive Fuck Up
4. What About Love?
5. My Epitaph
6. On The Outside
7. I'll Be Around / iTunes Bonus Track
8. Be Your Man / iTunes Bonus Track
album: "Death Or Jail" (2006)
1. Times Forgotten
2. No Future (Death Or Jail)
3. Better Days
4. The Lonely People
5. Too Much
6. Sadly Beautiful
7. Damageproof
8. For Frank
9. Whatever Road
10. Love Song
11. Jealousy

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