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album: "Simple Math" (2011)
1. Deer
2. Mighty
3. Pensacola
4. April Fool
5. Pale Black Eye
6. Virgin
7. Simple Math
8. Leave It Alone
9. Apprehension
10. Leaky Breaks
album: "Mean Everything To Nothing" (2009)
1. The Only One
2. Shake It Out
3. I've Got Friends
4. Pride
5. In My Teeth
6. 100 Dollars
7. I Can Feel A Hot One
8. My Friend Marcus
9. Tony The Tiger
10. Everything To Nothing
11. The River
12. Jimmy, He Whispers / Hidden Track
13. Go / iTunes Bonus Track
EP: "Fourteen Years Of Excellence" (2009)
1. Anne Louise
2. It's Ok With Me
3. Do You Really Like Being Alone
4. Shake It Out (Alternative Version)
EP: "You Brainstorm, I Brainstorm, But Brilliance Needs A Good Editor" (2005)
1. The Procession
2. Alice And Interiors
3. Slow To Learn
4. I'd Rather Have
5. Play It Again, Sam! You Don't Have Any Feathers

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