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EP: "Imaginary Numbers" (2013)
1. Raining In Paris
2. Room With No Windows
3. Perfectly Out Of Key
4. Visions
5. Lovely Sad
album: "Forever Halloween" (2013)
1. Take What You Can Carry
2. Love & Drugs
3. Run
4. White Walls
5. Happy
6. Birthday In Los Angeles
7. Blood Red
8. Kennedy Curse
9. Sad Songs
10. Fucked Up Kids
11. These Four Words
12. Forever Halloween
13. So Criminal / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
14. Vanilla / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
15. Ugly On The Inside / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
16. Bliss / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
17. Ice Cave / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
EP: "Good Love (The Pioneer B-Sides)" (2012)
1. I Want You
2. I'm Leaving
3. You'll Never Know
4. Goodbye
5. Take Me Dancing
6. Hello World
7. Good Love
album: "In Darkness & In Light" (2010)
1. Untangle Me
2. Free
3. Book Of Me And You
4. Whoever She Is
5. Growing Up / Live Acoustic
6. Washroom Color
7. Saving Grace / Take 2
8. In Darkness & In Light Score
EP: "...And A Happy New Year" (2008)
1. Ho Ho Hopefully
2. Santa Stole My Girlfriend
3. Mr. Winter
4. Last Christmas
other songs:
Get Ready
Girls Just Want To Have Fun / from "Punk Goes Pop 5" Compilation
I Wanna Love You / from "Punk Goes Crunk" Compilation
Life Like This
Like We Did (When We Were Lost)
Pour Some Sugar On Me / from "Punk Goes Classic Rock" Compilation
With A Little Help From My Friends

Alternative rock
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