"Roses" lyrics



He draws the shades down to his room,
he tries to smile but it's no use
and he's wagering his life
He feels that he can never make it;
no one could know because he fakes it,
the end is waving in his palm

He tears the skin now (he's just a small boy)
he let's a cry out (in a small town)
he's turning pale now (With his hands up)
and he's trying to let go (and his face down)
Feeling helpless, he was so selfish
and all who love him may not see him smile again

His life is spilling to the floor;
someone is opening the door in time to save him
They'll see the pain behind his eyes,
and stitch the wounds but inside he seems to die

Hes trying, he's dying to know
why they love him so, he lost his faith,
he's gone astray and he's letting go
And he's trying, he's dying to know, why they love him so
Hell take another breath and smell the roses from his would be grave

He laid face down and kissed the ground,
with peace of mind he closed his eyes
And when it rained that day it washed his pain away.
And they'll send him flowers and he'll smile for hours
And he's fine now, and he thanks you all.
You saved him from the fall, his pride will rise,
depression will die and he'll be so full of life

(Were all dying around him, I can't complain)

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