"The Whole Year Inn" lyrics


"The Whole Year Inn"

This is my last confession
Still haven't learned my lesson
I dug this hole embrace the downfall
sleep days away in silence
Spent my nights seeking violence
I chose this life now watch it all just fall apart

There's a stench in the air of formaldehyde
from the corpse on the stage with the bloodshot eyes
there's a hole in the heart of this old barfly and I
might not make it out alive

I live a life of self-destruction through a spiritual abduction
I'm a victim of seduction by your angel eyes
I've got a problem with admitting that I'm not the type for quitting
I'm a devil on a mission to destroy my mind
If indulgence is a crime you could say I've done my time
And I'm guilty of the laws I've broke tonight, Yeah

Flirtation with temptation
Fuels my intoxication
It's such a beautiful disaster
This graceful moonlit slow dance
Consumed by lustful romance
Infatuation with the feelings amplified

By the stain on the floor where the bloodbath soaked
By pumping fumes in the air with the black tar smoke
There's a sign on the wall and it gives me hope that I
Might just make it out alive

Thanks to Toney G. Ska for these lyrics

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