"Hospital" lyrics



Dead, pale grey walls
Dead, cold, pale grey walls

Spinning around realizing I'm trapped I freeze up
There's no way going back now my time's up
These corridors they fade away endless
Yet I can't help but smile at my helplessness
Oh It's a bitter smile at best
See I know I put myself in this mess
I sigh in regret and watch the walls move closer with every breath
And there's this voice inside my head
It's telling me to run
Not knowing how I know but just knowing I got to get out
I Just run


Hospital, you can't catch us all
We'll be long gone when you call

So we run
Trying not to miss a thing
We seize the day
And so in trying not to die
We live right now

(I awake to the faint beeps of machine
And for a second I'm lost, (where am I?)
This is not where I'm supposed to be (this can't be right)
But then I remember
See these machines are keeping me alive
Which I find highly ironic, see I haven't felt alive for weeks
If I knew that this was what was waiting here
I would have run, at least that's what I have to believe
I don't know I...
See the only escape from this
The boredom, the frailty, the death, from all of it are the dreams
And now even they seem to be fading
I used to dream adventures)

We don't want to end up
Like you all have done,
Trapped within these walls
It's like your buried alive

Look back on your lives
Let it flash before your eyes
Then compare it to mine
You lived mere minutes then died!

So we run
Trying not to miss a thing
We seize the day
And so in trying not to die
We live

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