"Scrabble Strip Club" lyrics


"Scrabble Strip Club"

I play singer, I play the stripper
I fake the savior, I fake the sinner
We share a drink blinded by colours
It's the same spotlight that keeps us all moving

Family affair, life's sometimes fair
Come to my house and I'll show you something else
My dream is singing but I still love dancing
I wake up every morning and I dream of leaving

Na na na na na...

We all wear masks, we all hide in a closet
I've been wearing this one since the year 2000
I don't have much honey, but I have the night
To watch you dance baby until closing time

The boys spend their money, the girls pop some pills
The old man are watching but they are not seeing
It smells like bleach and 10$ perfume
I hate this warm beer "Wish you were here"

Na ananana nanana

Let's get the fuck out, tell the boys we're leaving
We play the same game but I win every evening
This motel feels like home and I'm thinking of you
Lots of regrets, but I'm not going insane

Nananaan na...

Thanks to Skankerboy for these lyrics

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