"Glendower Drive" lyrics


"Glendower Drive"

He felt the whole world forget to breathe.
The cracked pavement: all he could stand to see and the smell of blood and asphalt rising with the summer heat.
Screaming for someone out there, but feeling more and more alone.
Pieced together and broken apart, the day painted red like his sunken, broken heart.

And so he screamed to the god he used to believe in.
Fruitless prayers in the only words he knew to say.
They came out less psalms of the joyful heart
And more curses to a vengeful heartless king.

Shaken and no longer unbreakable,
Made in this life to feel so alone.

So with these voices raise like flags to morning suns
and arms no longer tied down.
The sun still stings and stains our eyes with those same tears.

Wake up.

I've seen the sun at every angle in the sky today, and still no open eye.

Thanks to justinxevers for these lyrics

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