"Fever Dream" lyrics


"Fever Dream"

And I sweat out your fever dream,
But it's heat's still painted on me.
I wear you like a sketch of an incision,
A cut not deep enough to bleed.

If there's an honest answer out there,
It's that I've lingered too long.
The ghost of you I thought I knew for so long
Was always gone.

There's silence in my eyes, but there's a heat in your heart.
I left my voice on the wind, it tore my words apart.
And pieces of this were best left scattered,
Like the ashes of someone loved but lost.

And if I found it buried in the soil,
I wouldn't dig for the purity.
It's a shallow grave
Sometimes I think it's ready for what's left of me.

Thanks to justinxevers for these lyrics

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