"Resigned Not Resigning" lyrics


"Resigned Not Resigning"

(We) Find our own routes sometimes opposed
Yet all feel as if they're home
Can we rejoice our disparate arrivals
When desires push us to lay claim?
(And) in a torrent of mass consumption
Is community already dead?

When will we listen?
when will we listen?
All we do is stumble through
When will we listen?

A sense of fit -
Reveals the bonds we'd hoped to find a refuge -
Soothes burning words (and) familiar harms
Knots pulled tight can lash
Beliefs firmly in place
A way to escape -
Helps us avoid a listless life
(An) exploration -
These words and sounds fascinate
Can such motives drive us to create connected worlds?

We each bring our own lens
This song is no different
All we can do is listen and learn
And maybe we can find it

Thanks to Jonathan! for these lyrics

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