"Corrective Action" lyrics


"Corrective Action"

I see a country of irresponsibility
An apathetic brainwashed society
A sick undeserved sense of entitlement
But they're the ones that would never fucking fight for it
A younger generation with no sense of pride
With no directions or ambitions in their lives
I've sat and watched this country's morals decline
I'm sick of holding back, now is the time

Corrective Action
Stand up, stand stall
It's now or never, or we will fall
Corrective Action
It's what we need
So stop your fucking talking and put your words into deeds

I see a country with no patriotic passion
Children living with no consequences to their actions
A country swallowing the media's lies
A country laughing while their sense of culture dies
We're going downhill and that's a fucking fact
And we need to take America back
A lack of morals and nobody seems to care
Speaking out against it no one fucking dares

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