"More Than Heroes" lyrics


"More Than Heroes"

No, this has gone far enough
When mouths run fast, fists attack, walls may crash but we're not
We're not moving

These nights mean too much to let them fall without a fight
And now a time's at hand where we must defend what's so clear
So right
It's time to choose our sides
So who will rise to this call?
Who will empower the weak and catch friends when they fall?
It's time to choose sides

No backing out
And if they want a war, they'll see a war
They'll get a war tonight
There's power in our desperation
There's strength in a mind that does not rest, always ready and holding on
These times they are our tests and through hard work
Dedication justice will come to pass
Here tonight everything changes

Tonight everything changes
We'll lay siege to closed minds
Tonight everything changes
These ties that bind will not be broken
We'll lay siege to closed minds and tightened fists
Staying close to the truth we know, most past whatever's in our way
This has gone far enough
When we can stand together in one mind, one heart
We'll see everything will change
Everything will change
If we could stand together
When we stand together, (ONE MIND, ONE HEART)
They will know, it will be clear
We are more, we are more than heroes

Thanks to Tom Mitro for these lyrics

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