"Weekend Runaways" lyrics


"Weekend Runaways"

Well it's getting hot
Sun's getting brighter
Where do you wanna go this weekend?
We still got a couple of days to work
Because it's still Wednesday
Do you wanna wear your bikini and go to the beach?
Yeah! That's sounds nice to me
I know it always have to be sunny
So don't you care about the weather news

Let's take a look at the map
(I can take you anywhere you want to)
Show me the plan you got
(Where do you wanna go?)
We're gonna have 48 hours to go and back
That's how far we can go
Nobody can't catch us 'cause we'll get real gone
As you know as always we're weekend runaways

Monday morning starts another week
And I start the waiting
Look at the clock on the wall
And I wish it to finish my work day
When the clock strikes five I'm out of pain
That is the price I gotta pay
Living for the weekend kills my weekdays
But that's how I have some fun

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