"The Saddest Thing I Ever Saw" lyrics


"The Saddest Thing I Ever Saw"

i'm not enchanted by this city anymore. skyscrapers swallow me with shadows before, the sun sets somewhere, it's light still breaks. we plant roots, but there is more at stake. on the corner there once stood a church full of sound, you could hear songs escape at night. they'd sing praise be to him for what we have built...a home, a community, a life. but it broke. now stands a high-rise. i can't take back what i've done. so we danced around the room to an old familiar tune, and i looked deep in your eyes, and i thought about the fact that we are lucky for what we have, but i wonder what's the price...cause the saddest thing i ever saw was a colorful neighborhood turn white, a vibrancy destroyed by greed, a neighborhood of fallacy, development's sacrifice. i don't know this place anymore, these streets like before. i'm afraid, it's my fault, i've become what i hate... cause the saddest thing i ever saw was a colorful neighborhood turn white.

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