"Grow So Wild & Free" lyrics


"Grow So Wild & Free"

I´m gonna start again
And grow so wild and free
Be the heavy hitting,
Bush league batters
In diluted communities
I wanna be proud of the impact we´re making
Not in shelf popularity
But in the lust that we are sharing
And our creativity

But we´re all part of a
Market driven by people you can´t see
Dressed up in strip mall smiles
The Management and the magazines
Where the grapes of wrath
Hide behind the leaves
Full page spreads
can cover things,
When they bury them so deep

And they selling silver guns, the same ..
Using their careful tongues to hide the..
And if the working class is getting fucked
Then things are right where they should be
And when we crawl home tired and sussed
We can turn on our T.V.´s
So glad we´ve separated ourselves
From the things we don´t wanna be

Or at least, that´s what we want.

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