"Another City, For A New Weekend" lyrics


"Another City, For A New Weekend"

Another room filled with amplified kids
And I've been planning to start practicing
For my heart, for my head, and for my friends

So I've been building up this practice house
Put practice words into my practice mouth
And I've been learning how to say out loud
All the things I always keeping to myself

Like how I miss those nights we'd stay out late
And I'd bear witness to the words you'd say
And then you'd kiss me, wash my fears away
So convinced that everything had finally changed

And in the morning when we wake up to start another day
We will listen to our new hearts
so convinced that everything had finally changed
And the outside sun is hiding
much like us from all the things we had escaped
And I couldn't help but crying
When I realized that everything was just the same

Sweet disaster lays ahead
Feeling so degraded
We are now elated

Thanks to Shookerdo for these lyrics

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