"Pie Face" lyrics


"Pie Face"

it's every man's fantasy, to be with two girls
don't jump ahead, let me float you some rules
shut up sit down, and hear what i say
you wanna know right then i'll tell you the way
it's all for her,there's none for you
pretending you care and she won't have a clue
you won't touch her, sit back and watch
right before you see the girls bumpin' crotch

why'd i talk her into being with a girl
now shes left me for one

didn't listen and you didn't do it right
pushed to hard on just the first night
your cover was blown, she saw right through
it's all for her, there's none for you
now your out, the girls are in
they have no morals and you say it's a sin
you had some fun, gave her some pearls
the jokes on you, but never the girls

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