"Hairy Mary" lyrics


"Hairy Mary"

let's all take a trip to europe
where a girl has never seen a razor
she lifts her arm, and poof there is hair
and it doesn't seem to faze her
don't want to go to hunington beach
it'd be more, like hell than heaven
where every girls underarms
look like they did when they where seven
(or eight)

mysoginy, that is not me
i just like the girlies form
i like, her boobs i like her butt
but i really love her where shes wet and warm
she's warm

love my hairy mary, she's my furry girlie
love my hairy, she's my furry girlie

now i, know you think
you probably know what i am thinking
i'd, bet the devil you don't
will you get it, no you won't
you won't


o.k. it not her boobs, its not her butt
and its not her cooch
i love a girl whose underarms
are hairy like a pooch

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