"Sex, Thugs, Rock & Roll" lyrics


"Sex, Thugs, Rock & Roll"

Got a degree in petty crime and wasted time,
for better or for worse
Can't teach me shit, I've got a spoiled mind
it's a blessing and a curse
Streets taught me everything I need to know
when to stay, when to fight and when to go
Politics it's a bitch but that's the life
live by the sword get cut once or twice
once or twice

no one ever told me life would be this cruel
Sex Thugs and rock and roll
days are long and the nights are cold
Sex Thugs and rock and roll
I know I've wasted all my time
Sex Thugs and rock and roll
Sing my life away on the dotted line
Sex Thugs and rock and roll

Loyalty and betrayal it's all that I can see
I'm on my own again
I'm a part of it, it's a part of me
I'm back home again
West Sac. to the flats where I still live
harbor park after dark where there's killings
Where I'm from, where I'm at I won't forget
Back where I started you ain't seen nothing yet

Thanks to joe for these lyrics

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