"Perceptions" lyrics



When you look at this life you see economic gain and opportunity, and when we look this world we see all the truth of life the love and misery and though the world doesn't change at all, it's seen through different eyes and when in one day it can be undone each day becomes a prize Well I guess we served our time, but our time was not enough and we tried to see it through like diamond in the rough With every layer stripped away, you realize the prize you sought and it's the bargain of the day until you find out what you bought Not quite unconscious we try to know ourselves, but we don't have much time With your distractions, politics, your wealth your life has left you blind The sun is down, the light has broken The end. We're going home Everything you wanted to say, everything you wanted to do everything you wanted to be, you'd trade it all for one more day. The end. We're going home. You waited for us and now we're headed home.

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