"The Last Stand" lyrics


"The Last Stand"

We've been here for four long years
Been a lot of smiles and a lot of tears
I've known more men that died in here
Than friends I've had the last 40 years
I'm a long, long way from home
Sending my life through a telephone
Right now, my life is this gun, and I'll use it
To get back to my son

We're making our last stand on
This lost and lonely ground
Believing in the end it counts for something.
Yeah Yeah Yeah-eah

I can't wait to get to heaven,
but I'm pretty sure I've already
Been to hell
It's the love/hate part of it
A captain goes down with his ship
But I've made my choice, and this is it
This is the life that I must live

I'll leave it on my arm if you can tell.
To all my friends, I bid you well.
I'll leave it on my arm if you can tell.
I bid you well, I bid you well.

Will we ever get it?

Lay down your life, and follow me in through the dark. (Whoa)
We'll never know if we are too afraid to start. (Whoa)
Just keep your head down; it won't be your final march. (Whoa)
This is the only chance we'll have to leave our mark. (Whoa)

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