"Where'd You Go, Psycho Boy?" lyrics


"Where'd You Go, Psycho Boy?"

Follow the leader, cracking skulls and closing minds
stuck in the same rotation
Follow the leader, cracking skulls and closing minds
no sign of communication
Boys will be boys, but what's the cost of all those blind eyes
And foolish lines in a world where the thoughtless mind
Is always right, blurring boundaries is all I've ever known
Maybe alone isn't so alone
And the cycle repeats itself as they try to change how you see yourself
Pressure's building so don't let the fucking valves all blow
Let them laugh the night away, fingers point at everyone someday
We all need to help create new ways of being man, new ways of being a man
And we need to throw all aggression away, sympathize and understand,
sympathize and understand

[This song borrows some ideas and words from Dear Boys by Latterman.
It's time to challenge male gender roles and steer ourselves away from
the violent and small-minded behavior we are "supposed" to exhibit.
Men (and women!) who don't participate in gender-typical activities
are often ridiculed and outcast, but we shouldn't let that stop us
from speaking out. After all, is it really any worse to be singled out
by a bunch of assholes than it is to be one of them?]

Thanks to watujim for these lyrics

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