"What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate" lyrics


"What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate"

California 1978
two men down letters piercing skin to intimidate
Sneaking weapons through the window
ignorance disguised as insult
shovels shit onto their names
The damage isn't fleeting
when hate rips into veins
these are people you're demeaning
No, I won't get over this one
troubled stains won't wash away
take this as appeal to reason
When those words fire out of mouths
the smell of venom on their breath
the bottom of the barrel's been found
bullets fueled by smoking hopelessness
Here's a screaming wake-up call
in-equal is a concept designed to make the sufferer small
Everyone was equal until we hunted human difference
now we're dragging bodies to the landfill
Triggers click, shatter monuments in heads
a cultural nosedive in intelligence
It's in the space between a nation's teeth
you don't have to listen carefully
it keeps going
Overlooked, hidden in undertones
passed on and handed off in simple jokes
it keeps growing
Don't underestimate the power of the things you say
it's been too many years and far too little change

[At the risk of being called PC, it really bothers me when people
refer to things as "gay" when they mean "lame,"
or use "fag" or "faggot" as an insult.
It's something a lot of people are guilty of,
and until recently I had a problem with it myself.
There are several references to Harvey Milk in this song. If you
haven't heard of Harvey Milk, go to your video rental facility of
choice and check out Milk starring Sean Penn. It'll most likely be in
the Drama section. It's an incredibly powerful film, based very
accurately on a true story.
If you can watch that movie and still go around calling people "fag"
and saying "gay" when you mean "stupid," then you really shouldn't be
listening to this record or punk music in general.
At the very least, please don't say it around me, and I'll promise in return
to NOT talk your ear off about gay rights for two hours.]

Thanks to watujim for these lyrics

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