"Start Over Starting Over" lyrics


"Start Over Starting Over"

Too many bad habits and problems
pushed aside instead of solved
raised hands say I could do better yeah
My bags are permanently unpacked
giving up means going back
raised hands say I could do better than this
I was completely fucked
head in way over enough
rock bottom was on its way up to swallow me whole
My world started to shake
always feeling like an earthquake
on the wrong side of the fault line, so
Reach up sweating cold
about to lose control
rock bottom was on its way up to swallow me whole
These photographs are old but the faded image holds
a boy who tried to take back what his life stole
Split apart and redefined
by how we change throughout our lives
cut in half to see inside
'cause how we live is how we die
How we endure will justify the history we leave behind
Raised hands say I will do better than this

[I used to feel like I wasn't in control of my life.
I think everybody goes through it at some point.
This is some reflection on the changes I went through mentally
and emotionally to regain control.]

Thanks to watujim for these lyrics

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