"Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" lyrics


"Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"

It's hard to look past getting by
the evening's breaking news always provides me with an excuse
Pavement scrapes the underside
options all set to run out
paper slips and receipts start to feel like ghost towns
Here come those empty feelings again
watching black turn into red
there was no restraint for this accident
the seat belts had already snapped
Headfirst through the glass
It's hard to look past getting by when black holes can't compete
with the sad-eyed way my empty pockets look up at me
Pavement scrapes the underside
I'm fighting off the burnout
my sense of self respect is all that's left in this ghost town

[This one is about living in the current recession. We live in
Michigan, and it hit our state hard. It's an unnerving moment when you
realize that not only is your wallet empty, but so is your bank's and
your government's.]

Thanks to watujim for these lyrics

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