"Be Kind, Rewind" lyrics


"Be Kind, Rewind"

Life begins when trust is placed in death
embrace and be empowered
avoid and sink to the bottom
Constantly approaching nothing left
embrace and be empowered
avoid and sink to the bottom
We could be animated or forever caught in headlights
bodies are more than cases for veins and vital signs
Attempts to climb walls of glass
in search of man-made answers and synthetic solutions
don't add up when it matters
When the power goes out and everybody sings your name
steady yourself for darkness as the faces start to fade
Don't waste your last breath to ask for redemption
forgive yourself, reinvent salvation

[This is a part two of sorts to We're All Dead. A reprise of the idea
that we're racing towards our death, and that death is final.
No heaven, no hell, no salvation, no after life, just life.]

Thanks to watujim for these lyrics

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