"Utilities" lyrics



Got this feeling
That today doesn't like me
Or the air tastes like
Flowers and paint
There's a sink full
Of bottles and cutlery
And the car
Has got a list of complaints

I just wish I
Were a toothbrush
Or a solder gun
Make me something
Somebody can use

We can wish on
The pop of a lightbulb
Or those photos
Lying yellow and curled
Loose in boxes
Near abandoned electronics
In the corners of the basements
Of the world

Guess our wishes
Don't do dishes
Or brake repairs
Make them something
Somebody could use

Got a face full
Of ominous weather
Smirking smile
Of a high pressure ridge
Got more faults than
The state of California
And the heart is a badly built bridge

Seems the most I
Have to offer
Doesn't offer much
Make it something
Somebody could use
Make this
Something somebody
Could use

Thanks to Andrea for these lyrics

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