"Part Of This" lyrics


"Part Of This"

Tonight I’ll choose my way to die
but I won’t desist from life and now I’ll show you

I guess it’s true what they mean we have to be a part of this
there’s something strange running through my blood
now I can lose what I’ve been fighting for

Everybody is walking on way to their work
everybody is running out way to the end
I don’t want the darkness sun crushing my soul
everybody is running

I guess it’s true what I think we can defeat this crowd of sheeps
You can create your own fucking mess I’m sure this is part of the end

I can’t decide where to go (It’s getting darker here)
The world is great but now I’m lost (is there a way out?)
The time you see is the time you live (it’s drowning all my love)
Despite my heart is choking (this endless curse)

And there’s no way, time is yours
I’m not afraid but now I’m lost

Sunset’s razing my head
time is short until the end
I’m not part of this

Thanks to Spaniard for these lyrics

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