"Aletheia" lyrics



Hey, come in, forget all about the memories that you’ve created
today is a brand new tale
It’s gonna be a bumpy ride let’s give it a try

So come this way everybody has been waiting for you
now come this way we have a party and we’re waiting for you

I can’t remember the last time I saw myself alive
This is a shore, my ship is broken but this time I must let go

Aletheia I will chase you

All my life I’ve tried to see behind this wall of blasphemy
with open eyes and open hearts there’s no one else to trust
Unveil the lies, give us a sign, strike a match we’ll fade the dark
It’s up to you in front of them don’t close your blinds again

Now’s the time to tear
down the door I have been seeing from the start
and I will fight
reality won’t wait for me I have to run

There’s no time for you

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