"The Human Machine" lyrics


"The Human Machine"

Do rock and roll dreams come true?
I'll share the tale with you
A good-hearted scientist
Will be our protagonist
A gale force wind drives the mill
Electroscopes ignite
The lab is bathed in light
Don't be afraid dear, this won't hurt a bit

Do your plastic eyes
See the longing hidden deep in mine?
Do you feel the same, or nothing at all?
Am I just a stupid optimistic guy falling for games?

Researching through the night
DNA code by candlelight
Careful laid plans for love
Backfire, I'll be undone
A circuit board for a brain
An artificial heart
A corpse for extra parts
Believe me now this hurts me more than you


Don't ask who I am
I am a friend
Don't be afraid

Don't get too attached
Try to relax
Just play it safe

You're so beautiful tonight
You could be my only sunshine
But you don't care for guys
With forever on their minds
Open up and take a bite from the apple of my eye
You'll be stringing me along
I'll be writing you love songs

It's wrong, everything's wrong again
And I don't want this to end
The consequences could escalate
Singing my soft serenade
Cuz there might be hell to pay
I've got a heart, it's easy to break

Thanks to Curtis for these lyrics

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