"One Last Chance" lyrics


"One Last Chance"

It was three years ago
When she began to stand on her own
She turned her back on everything
And now she's alone
I try to talk to her but she is not the same
It's been so long since she could recall her name

And I cried when I heard what had happened to her
In her eyes I see the pain, I see the loss
I see the shame but I cant help her now

Yesterday she ran away
Packed her bags and caught a train
Said it all was going down the drain
The words I spoke were said in haste
Before I could appreciate
That now our lives will never be the same
One last chance to slide away
Into the darkness of her shame
She looks and sees there's no one left to blame
I wish I had another day to look into your pretty face
And tell you that your life can still be saved

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