"Tender Wheel" lyrics


"Tender Wheel"

[Verse 1:]
Looking around, kicking them down, I'm diseased by the sounds
I look, to cross, the street and I'm down
Blown, out of the air, out of the sky
Out of the world I used to know, and I die
Living this life with love, is so beautiful
Getting to give, and giving it up and acting dutiful
I look out not now just to see a way, oh lord I'm back from yesterday

And I fade away
I'm going to, the place where I lay, unconscious day
And I see a way
Spanning the time I've lost, you're calling me, back from yesterday

[Verse 2:]
Well don't look now, death apparently found
Super personification as we rise to higher ground
The only chance he's got for survival, cutting across, and bringing it back,
With the revival
So reaching it up now to the skies where I preside
To the consequential, key, to the world and then we die
Yes I wrote it in stone I looked away, oh lord I'm back from yesterday


[Verse 3:]
Emphasize again, the contraband of a world unable
Look it's unstable, fucked, like Kane and Able
And I look out now with undying youth, oh lord I'm back forever you


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