"Speaking Of Assholes..." lyrics


"Speaking Of Assholes..."

Whirling images strike deep within my head
And shattered aspirations of a different kind
carnage in the image of the message that we send
Just pathetic dribble in one ear out mankind

I knew a guy who taught his asshole to talk
Eventually it talked so much no longer could he walk
A crowd would draw around the man to hear the asshole speak
And people came from near and far just to join the flock

Funny these things we find
That catch our eyes, our ears, our mind
Jerry Springer with all his charms
We welcome him with open arms
The man who stands above the altar
Spurious sermons to make us falter
These men who'll steal your thoughts away
The men you're watching everyday

How can we listen to this linguistic vomit?
Swaying back and forth, waiting for the comet
To come and wipe us off the face
We'll pray and worship as it plummets

From CNN to news at 10 we tune into their news
The things we see and believe as true
Whatever they may say
The things we see and believe as true
Whatever they may choose
Stories written then transmitted
Entertainment for the masses
The first amendment, freedom of speech
Still we the people lose

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